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“Full transparency, I've always been a little skeptical of those before and afters. How could anyone get such great results in only a few short weeks of any program?


Well, Danielle Formaro made me a BELIEVER!!!! This program is realistic, doable, simple and most important you GET RESULTS!!!


I've always been active at the gym, I eat pretty healthy for the most part and overall lead a healthy lifestyle. A little over a year ago I started to fall off track. Slowly, extra weight started to creep on and no matter what I did I wasn't seeing any changes for the better.


Whether, I wasn't eating fat burning meals, I wasn't practicing timed nutrition, my workouts weren't fat burning, or maybe it's just harder with age, whatever it was, something had shifted and it put me in a bad place where I was no longer comfortable in my own skin.


This program is EXACTLY what I needed. I haven't felt this great in a really long time. I knew after a couple weeks, my body was changing, I was feeling better mentally, but until I saw the side by side of my before and afters I had no idea just how amazing my transformation was. It's definitely not easy putting myself out there but these results are REAL and I cannot wait to continue this healthy lifestyle and continue to be my best ME!


It was just the jumpstart and reminder I needed to get back on track! Starting Weight: 155lb, End Weight: 149lb”


"This program works!!!! I lost 7.5 pounds and I notice this a little bit all over. I started at 152.5 lbs and ended at 145 lbs. 7.5 lbs in only 3 weeks!!! I feel amazing!! The number on the scale made me feel better, my clothes are looser, I can see myself thinning out but more than that I’m happier! Im getting thinner and stronger and smarter! It make me want to keep this progress going. This program taught me not just how to eat clean but why I should and the effects good and bad. I’m thankful and honored that I was able to be part of this program. Thanks Danielle!”



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