Learning How to Read Labels for Weight Loss

Updated: Mar 3, 2019

It is not to say we can not indulge in our favorite treats BUT when you are on a mission to lose weight the FIRST 3 WEEKS is crucial to re-set your body. First thing first, know what you are really buying because healthy foods like wheat bread can have high fructose corn syrup in it which is not a not so nice GMO to give your hard working... trying to get fit body. GMO's get stored as fat because they have no nutritious value. NO BUENO!

Here is a list of the DIRTY DOZEN you should be on the look out when checking your labels......none of this dirty dozen should be in your first FOUR ingredients. To be honest I prefer to not see them at all except sugar is listed toward the end. Breads for example have a little sugar, which is ok by me.


1. Dextrose 2. Sorbitol 3.Sucrose 4. Maltose 5.Maltitol 6. Malt Syrup 7. Corn Starch 8.Modified Corn Starch 9. High Fructose Corn Syrup 10. Invert Sugar 11. Mannitol 12. Corn Syrup

If you need a sweetener a better option is agave nector, honey, fruit, and stevia.

I can't tell you how many kid's treats including fruit snacks I will not buy because there is fructose corn syrup in them which is not good for your kiddie if it is not good for you! GMO's can effect mood, hyperactivity, and not so fun health side effects we talked about above.

Interesting right? If you would like to start to really educate yourself you join my online fitness team if you have not already! Education is the key to your wellness success!

-Mighty Mamma


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