8 Small Lifestyle Tips That Can Change Your Productivity and Success

For me simple little things can really make a big difference in how my day goes. For me these simple tips always start my day off right, leave me feeling refreshed, recharged, organized, and motivated. They may not make a difference for all, but they do for me! Here are the little things I need in my life to help my productivity and balanced state of mind.

1. Each morning you wake up, make your bed. I know that may seem funny, but I have been told the most successful people in this world all do it, make ur bed when you wake up! It’s just good karma for the day. Plus you should, your an adult now 😉

2. Workout. When you feel good about yourself, the sky is the limit. Your a nicer person, you will get more creative because you will have more energy and happy brain cells. Plus clothing shopping is way more fun 😁

3. Keep your office and house clean and organized. Take one a day a week to reorganize if you must. Even a dirty house can overwhelm me and I can lose focus. Take one day a week to get it together if you need too. A mess just leads to a messy way of thinking.

4. If your a stay at home mom, yoga pants are totally cool, but shower, do your make up and hair each day. You will regain womanhood. Trust me, I have lost myself in the pony and no make-up for days at a time and I just felt like a drag. Psychologically you just feel more confident when you at least put some Mascara on and a little perfume ❤️May or may or apply to men 🤣

5. This should be number one....the night before write out your “ To Do” list and then carve out hour by hour how and when you will get each one done. This is huuuuge for staying on track and getting shit done! 👌🏼

6. Make time each week to do something on your fun list. One thing that you like to do. Maybe dinner with your friends, a spa day, a fitness class, or maybe just going shopping (alone) or some hobby interest. For me it’s cooking and I do it every night 🥘 and try to do Friends meet up each month.

7. Drink a lot of water......half your body weight oz. watch what it does for you.

8. Pray before bed each night. Give thanks and be appreciate of what you have, not what you don’t. Good Energy will come your way.

Try these tips and watch the change of events in your life.


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