3 Foods You Thought Were Healthy That Actually Cause You to Gain Weight!

You ready to have your mind blown with 3 foods you thought were healthy but in a LOT of cases due to food processing are not? Ok.....here it goes!!

Let's first talk about high-fructose corn syrup. What is this stuff anyways? High-fructose corn syrup is a sweetener made from corn starch that has been processed by glucose isomerase to convert some of its glucose into fructose. So in other words, since this is not a "real" food our body does not recognize it as a nutrient. When our body does not recognize something (such as sugar) it just gets stored as fat. So in simple terms, if there is no nutritional value, assume it will get stored as fat, which my friends does not sound like a good time or something I would like to ingest. So lets get into the 3 foods shall we?

YOGURT: Yup you heard me! Yogurt is NOT as healthy as you think;. OK... now calm down, I am not saying that ALL yogurt is bad, but most brands ( I won't slander) where fruit is added.... also add HIGH FRUCTOSE SYRUP (or corn syrup) to the yogurt making this a NOT SO HEALTHY option. So if you see added fruit, I would stay away and just add your own fruit, or just be sure it is not 14g of sugar in it! Interesting right? Let's continue.

NEXT......cereal bars!! Yes, you know the brands...some of our favorite cereals create a "breakfast bar" that is loaded in FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP and guess what? As you know....that product just gets stored as fat in the body. Not a great start for the day now is it?

The last product which really shocked me was.......ready?? Not bread.....but "Wheat Bread!!!" OMG!!! Really? YES!! REALLY!!! Now hear me out, not ALL brands are created the same, but MOST brands are adding FRUCTOSE SYRUP once again!! But why?!! They are adding it to sweeten up this favorite food of course! It is a scam!! I will admit I am a huge wheat lover....but now I make sure I get a whole grain bread and if it is wheat I will check my label to be sure there is no FRUCTOSE added to it. Again......Fructose gets stored as FAT......stay away!

So bottom line.....fructose corn syrup is added in MANY foods, this was just to educate you on the foods we tend to think are SUPER healthy and are not in a lot of cases. Preservatives and fructose are added by many manufacturers to trick us to buy more of it because it tastes good AND we think its healthy, but here is where it gets worse.......

Fructose not only gets stored as fat, but it is also addicting and sends signals to the brain that we are hungry when we are not. I won't get into the scientific explanation in this article, I will just keep it in simple terms. So think about this....no wonder we get so many cravings and always want sugar and feel hungry! If fructose is addictive, that means we want more foods that have it, we keep getting more hungry, and then we keep storing more and more fat! It is a vicious cycle and I choose to drive in a different direction.

In closing, food for thought (no pun intended) READ YOUR LABELS.... from now on stay away from fructose corn syrup and you will stay more fit, healthy, lose weight, and stop those addictive cravings!


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