What is with the Before and After Selfies?

Is it me or is there a before and after on every other feed notification on social media? What is the deal? Is it a before and after photo or is it more than that? The more research that went into these photos the answer was pretty awesome. This trend is not just about "hey look at me, I lost 20 lbs and I am skinny, it's more about showing the strength they have gained mentally and physically which in my opinion is pretty refreshing and empowering. These photos are not about perfection, but about progress. It gives hope to the average person that anything is possible.

Amanda Dale, ACE-certified trainer and sports nutritionist, says she thinks the trend could be a reflection of current pop culture. “Think of Ariana Grande’s latest ‘Side to Side‘ video on exercise bikes, or Khloe Kardashian’s ‘Revenge Body‘ TV show as examples of how pop culture is appropriating the image of health and fitness as a lifestyle trend,” she explains. And there’s definitely no shortage of strong females in the record-breaking “Wonder Woman” movie.

For years we have been exposed to airbrushed pictures and images that are not only obtainable by most, but not even real! So now that we have real people showing REAL transformations, I think it is great!! More people are getting motivated and cutting out the excuses. My favorite part of these selfies is that weight loss is not the main gaol these days, its strength.

Mighty Mammas Making Muscles

Have you ever heard the phrase, “But lifting weights will make me look bulky!”? This new selfie trend is helping to shatter that myth. As a certified fitness professional I can tell you there is no way that women can get ‘big muscles’ lifting weights in a reasonable strength training program. Over eating will make you gain weight!!

Why? Because it’s just not how women’s bodies are engineered. Men are genetically predisposed to build more muscle than women while most women will struggle to ever be able to build as much lean mass as most men without some kind of enhancement.

Using weights and the right program will actually do the opposite! In fact the lean and defined look most woman crave is due to the effective usage of weights! People mistaken this with cardio, when in fact to much cardio can do the opposite, while it is wonderful to burn calories, depending on what type of cardio you are doing, more weight management is required to build lean and sexy muscle.

More and more women are realizing this fact and embracing their strength. So when you see a lady showing of her selfie, just think of it as a display of her strength and power as a woman and shower her with some mighty mamma love. They are just proud, so show your support next time you scroll one of these bad boys and give credit when credit is do. There is a lady boss movement going on, so support your ladies on a job well done.


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