How Stress Can Effect Your Weight


Did you know that stress alone can not only make people lose weight, but for a LOT it can make us GAIN weight!! How you ask?

Stress releases cortisol, which can make it harder to lose fat especially your midsection. Unfortunately, the negative effects of stress don't stop there. Increased cortisol can effect recovery and encourage muscle breakdown—NOT COOL!! That's why it's important to step back and take a deep breath every once in a while.

A few steps you can take to release stress....

1. Meditation or Prayer: Start by accepting what is bothering you. Then close your eyes and see that negative energy around you. Next INHALE and picture inhaling new energy into your body, then slowly exhale as if you were blowing a bubble and picture yourself blowing the negative energy out of your body. Then picture that you formed a bubble around yourself so that no one or nothing can get close to you to bother you. The repeat to yourself......"It is will pass, just like everything else. I accept challenges as I come my way, and I am strong enough to face them and release them. I am strong, I am powerful, and I can conquer anything." This type of practice can train your mind to never let negative energy run your mind.

2. Start Laughing More. Listen to some comedy, watch a funny movie, read a book, or start hanging out more with people that make you laugh. If you make yourself smile, psychology you will feel happier even if you forced that smile. Laughing naturally releases stress sending positive signals to the brain.

3. Take up a Hobby: Start doing something you enjoy, such as a hobby you did as a kid. If you liked dancing, coloring, building things, or sports....carve out some time each week to schedule this back into your life. Even if you do it once a week, balance will create the wellness dimension you may be missing.

4. Get a Therapist: YES! Event you! Did you know that SMART people go to therapists!! Even therapists have their own therapists!! It is very therapeutic to VENT......if feels like exhaling!! Sometimes we may not want to air out our dirty laundry to friends or family in fear we may be judged or criticized, right? It feels good to talk out what is bothering you so that you can get some professional coaching on how you can overcome these obstacles rather than ALWAYS trying to figure it out on your own. It's ok to ask for help. You are only human.

5. Take a Vacation: Even if you stay at a hotel in a nearby city for 2 nights, it will feel like a vacation. You do not even have to take an airplane to this destination, its just the psychological feeling of seeing new surroundings. It is amazing with what event 1 night can do! Event if you go out to dinner with your partner and stay overnight it will be so much fun! It will stimulate your senses giving you some relief of change. Although routine can feel all warm and fuzzy, it can also plateau your brain and that will just results in being bored and then depressed or unmotivated for new creative thinking.

6. EXERCISE! Yes!! Even 20 minutes a day will do a body and a brain good! Exercising releases endorphins which a create happy feelings in the brain! Picture of amazing you feel after and you will start to get addicted to the feeling of post workout recovery. This is the best and most natural addictive drug you can find! The addiction of releases endorphins via exercise. This alone will be a game changer. If you are unmotivated overall in live, start exercising and watch the difference even if you are not motivated to exercise this will change as you get into your routine. Not to mention you you like what you see in the mirror more too....who doesn't want a hot bod? Right?

7. Intuitive Eating: Start forgetting about diet fads and start a diet that you feel works for you, makes you feel good, and triggers positive brain activity. Implement more super food nutrition into you life. Stay away from foods that can trigger anxiety such as too much alcohol and stimulants. The better your nutrition, the bigger decrease in anxiety type thinking. Anxiety is caused my inflammation of certain parts of the body including your gut and your brain which can be caused from your diet. Just because someone tells you to be a vegetarian, does not mean this is good for your biological makeup. Try different things and go with what made you feel best! If removing dairy and gluten makes you feel better, than go for it! But by no means remove foods just because someone told you too. For example I don't feel well then I don't eat meat. I feel amazing when I have this in my diet. Biological we are all made up differently and even based on our blood type we need certain foods to function an an optimal rate. So LISTEN to your body, if something makes you feel lousy after you consume it....then you know you should stay away from that food. Simple right? Now just watch your portions! But that is for an entire other blog :)

So now that you have some things you can start to releasing that stress, get moving!!


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