Don't be Scared to Stretch the Limits


Here is some self love personal development for the day....

Today is a day to reflect on your true purpose in life. What are YOU doing? Are you happy where you are? Do you feel you are doing what god put you on this earth to do?

If you are, then bravo!! Good for you, this means you have walked the tight rope fearlessly and unapologetically and you should know you are TRULY an inspiration and utilizing your FULL CAPACITY.

If you read this and said....."No, I am not happy." Then let's take a look at why and what we can do to change them.

1. Are you doing something just to please others all the time and not yourself?

2. Are you feeling pressured to belong where ever you are? May it be work, an organization, or maybe a group of friends..... so you stay.....but really you just want to break free of all the drama and noise? Exhausting isn't it?

3. Do you feel bullied? Now hear me on this.....SILENCE is a type of bullying....or feeling like people are leaving you out, or pushing you away? Not very nice feeling is it?

4. Are you too scared to do what you REALLY want to do for work, so you play it safe and stay at your boring desk job where you just want to slap the guy next to you for chewing too loud, or burn the building down you pull up to every day? (I know a little dramatic, but you ALL know what I am talking have seen office space right?)

5. Are you a 24/7 people-pleaser? Like your mouth should hurt from all the ass kissing or perhaps hurt from biting you do all the time.

6. Did you let others determine your circumstances? For example, someone told you once you were not a good runner, so you just stopped practicing and took their word for it? Shame on you, you should know better!

If any of the above it you, then it's not to late to make a change. Today, as I sit here with sound therapy in my ears (I am losing my hearing slowly and tinnitus has been tormenting me) I an reflecting on my purpose in life and feeling thankful I have a big set of balls... like ...HUGE (not literally...obvi...but you get the point 😂) but feeling thankful and not resentful of my own circumstances in life. I have been dealt some not so great hands in life and you know what.....IT SUCKED. I am still coping with daily challenges.....hearing loss, a heart condition and becoming a single mom over a year ago was not easy, I don't tend to share this often, but if I ca reach someone today and make them not feel alone, then I don't mind stepping out of my comfort zone, well worth it.

Sometimes in life we think we have it one point I thought I did too, and then just like got taken away. Literally...JUST....LIKE...THAT. What is that quote?...."God Giveth God Taketh Away" ..... someone very close to my heart likes to remind me this phrase often ❤️ and it's true. I have had to re-build myself 3 TIMES in my life so far and I am sure it won't be the last, and it's HARD. But guess what......I NO QUITTER....and neither should YOU BE!

You CAN make a change in your are some examples.....

1. If you don't like what you are doing, then start making baby steps to do what you love! If you love photography and you are sitting at a desk job, then start taking some photo classes!!

2. If a friend or friends are not supporting you and your new dreams, then tell them to take a hike if they are not willing to walk along side you. That is a true test of friendship. People tend to only think of themselves.....sad but true...we are don't change who you are, but start thinking about YOUR NEEDS a little more. Don't live for someone else, live for you too!

3. If someone told you that you are not good at something, make it your duty to use that as FUEL to make them wrong. It will feel amazing when you do. TRUST ME.

4. Start standing up straight, push your shoulders back, lift up that stunning head. There is a new boss in town and it has your name written all over it. It's showtime. You ready to have some fun?

TASK OF THE DAY: Today make a dream sheet...or some call it a vision board. Create this by simply cutting pictures from a magazine that apply to your dreams and gluing them to a piece of poster board. Then hang that board somewhere special and put those wishes into the universe. It's time to start believing in yourself again.

Remember when you were a kid you day dreamed about all the things you COULD BE and then as you got older all you thought about it the things you NEVER WILL BE. Well stop!! It's never to late to start over. Just like can always build a new foundation.

So today is your day to reflect on your self, your past, and what you were set to do no this earth. I am already excited to see you can do and YOU SHOULD BE TOO.


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